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Will Telemedicine Change Practice for Neurologists?

By Admin | August 05, 2019

Teleneurology is one branch of the expanding field of telemedicine. In this exclusiveMedPage Today video from the recent American Academy of Neurology's annual meetingin Philadelphia, Marisa McGinley, DO, of the Cleveland Clinic, discusses the technology's advantages and limitations for neurologists.

Following is a transcript of her remarks: 

I think that teleneurology is not going to be the right fit for every single encounter with a patient, and it's also kind of [based on] us, as a field, learning about where it can be additive and not subtractive. Admittedly, there's a lot to figure out in that respect. 

For more information please read, Will Telemedicine Change Practice for Neurologists?, by Medpage Today.

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