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Apex IONM Solutions Apex IONM Solutions

Starting and running a successful intraoperative neuromonitoring services company can be accomplished with the right leadership on important administrative responsibilities.

Let the trained professionals at Apex IONM Solutions offer you expertise on:

  • Interpreting physician staffing
  • Insurance carrier credentialing (Tax ID or NPI, depending on carrier)
  • Onboarding of new IONM staff clients in regards to billing and use of USMON with the Cadwell system
  • Initial setup of EMR and billing platform, including adding accounts, hospitals, IPs, IONM staff and email notification
  • Setting up company tax ID
  • Negotiating vendor accounts for IONM supplies (needle electrodes, Stim electrodes, and prass probes)
  • Contract templates for important agreements

Apex IONM Solutions can provide you with the same administrative support that has been proven to help create successful neuromonitoring businesses. Using this hard-won expertise can save you time and money, and allow you to focus on the more critical aspects of your company.

Let the experts at Apex help you with:

  • Hospital contracts
  • Employee contracts
  • Interpreting physician contracts
  • Employee handbook templates
  • Credentialing services