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Treating Iatrogenic Spinal Ischemia Is a Work in Progress

By Admin | January 24, 2022

A new study looked back ten years to try to understand treatment choices and their related outcomes for iatrogenic spinal ischemia. What the study authors found is that this is one of those areas in spine care that is still largely a work in progress.

In “Iatrogenic spinal cord ischemia: A patient level meta-analysis of 74 case reports and series,” this study’s authors tried to define the features of iatrogenic spinal ischemia, determine which spinal levels are affected and evaluate the efficacy of management strategies.

The findings are published in the December 2021 issue of the North American Spine Society Journal.

To do this, they conducted a meta-analysis of case reports and series of spinal ischemia over the last 10 years. Eighty-nine patients were included in the final meta-analysis. The mean age of patients was 59.62 years (range: 9 months-88 years). The majority of the patients were...(More)

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