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Top US spinal organisations launch new Coalition for Spine Health

By Admin | January 16, 2023

The US National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF) has announced the launch of a first of its kind Coalition for Spine Health. The coalition will initially bring together four of the USA’s leading spinal organisations to advance awareness and patient education.

The North American Spine Society (NASS), The Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation and the Harms Study Group, and the Cervical Spine Research Society all join the National Spine Health Foundation in the launch of the coalition.

Rita Roy, CEO of the NSHF, said: “We’re thrilled that the Coalition for Spine Health will unify the top minds in spinal health to deliver best in class patient education. By providing innovative learning opportunities for patients, the coalition can improve the well-being of...(More)

For more info please read, Top US spinal organisations launch new Coalition for Spine Health, by Spinal News International

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