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There's a new implant developed in Rhode Island to treat spine fractures

By Admin | March 12, 2022

There's a new -- first and only-one-of-its kind -- implant to treat spine fractures.

This idea was hatched in Rhode Island, through a collaborative that encourages the creation of new medical technology. It's called the New England Medical Innovation Center in Providence.

It was there that a man with both a mechanical engineering and a business degree came up with what could revolutionize the way spine fractures are repaired.

"The very first one was done in 2019 and that one actually was in Oklahoma," said Dom Messerli, founder of Lenoss Medical, and the developer of this new device. "It's the first and only biological solution to treat those spinal fractures."

Biological because it is made from human bone tissue.

"Out of that piece of human tissue, you fabricate this shape out of it," explained Messerli, referring to its pearl like shape.

So, it's no surprise he calls them Osteo-Pearls. Out of the package, the string of pearls is hard.

"When you rehydrate it, you then get this effect and now it becomes completely flexible," said Messerli, who dipped the implants in a saline solution.

Using special instrumentation, also developed locally, these Osteo-Pearls are implanted into the fractured vertebrae.

"Over time, like over two years, it will become natural bone again. So, it'll be completely cohesive with everything else there," said Messerli.

"I said, 'Wow, this would solve a lot of our...(More)

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