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The US Needs Immigrant Doctors

By Admin | October 25, 2017

Right now, the United States isn’t producing enough doctors to fill the many spots needed in order to care for our population. Without doctors immigrating from other countries, we would have a severe lack of healthcare providers.

In fact, a 2015 study reported that a quarter, 25 percent, of resident positions nationwide and over a third, 33 percent, of subspecialty residencies were held by immigrant physicians.

Outside of the residency distinction, a quarter of all doctors are foreign born. And as it turns out, the immigrant physicians tend to practice in the fields of medicines that Americans typically don’t enjoy pursuing, like general practice and caring for elderly patients, two essential fields of medicine.

Foreign medical graduates are also more likely to live and practice in parts of the country lacking in medical care, offering vital services to those populations which would otherwise go without care.

And this is only the beginning. The United States needs foreign born doctors to come here to work, to teach, and to care.

For more, read “Why America Needs Foreign Medical Graduates” by the New York Times.

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