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'The numbers don't lie': Endoscopy to become more prominent among next generation of spine surgeons

By Admin | September 04, 2022

Many physicians see endoscopic spine surgery as a key growth opportunity in the next five years, but argue the U.S. needs more endoscopic training programs and the reimbursement structure must be improved. 

Four spine surgeons told Becker's why they expect endoscopic spine surgery to become more prominent in the future:

Stewart Kerr, MD. Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle: One of the big opportunities [to grow] is going to be endoscopic spine and robotics. If I have a patient with a large thoracic disc herniated, the conventional way of treating that oftentimes requires a fairly substantial resection where you may even have to take portions of the rib head in order to access the decompression effectively.

Now we have endoscopic spine techniques that will allow us to truly do this through a more minimally invasive procedure where you're directly...(More)

For more info please read, 'The numbers don't lie', by Becker's Spine Review

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