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The next 3 years in spine: What will gain ground on fusion?

By Admin | April 03, 2021

Outpatient surgery and fewer fusions are likely the future of spine surgery, according to Peter Derman, MD, a spine surgeon with Texas Back Institute in Plano.

Dr. Derman joined the Becker's Spine & Orthopedic podcast March 4 to discuss big trends and his upcoming research on minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Below is an excerpt from the conversation. Click here for the full episode.

Note: Responses are lightly edited for clarity and style.

Question: How do you see spine changing in the next three years?

Dr. Peter Derman: There is going to be more outpatient surgery. This was already a trend toward outpatient, but COVID-19 really brought this to the forefront, especially because hospitals were overwhelmed, and patients didn't want to be in the hospital. There has been an even greater push toward doing surgeries that were traditionally considered inpatient stays on an outpatient basis. Part of that does fold into minimally invasive surgery because you can't...(More)

For more info please read, The next 3 years in spine: What will gain ground on fusion?, By Beckers SpineReview

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