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The Future of Healthcare Records

By Admin | March 12, 2018

Hospitals have never been held accountable when it comes to healthcare costs, says Dr. Josh Luke, a healthcare futurist, University of Southern California faculty, hospital CEO. In his latest article for Forbes, he outlines the insanity of how hospitals have never had to disclose prices for services and procedures before they take place, a practice unlike any other industry.

Coincidentally, patients don’t own their own health records; hospitals do. And if patients want their records, they’re usually charged for them.

And until now, this hasn’t been challenged. Hospitals have simply gotten away with it as prices skyrocket.

But Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon can change all of this. How? They are big companies with the money to go after the system. And since they’re technology companies, they have the skills to create a new system.

For more on how the big technology companies can change healthcare records, read “Health Care Affordability Begins With You (And Ends With Apple, Microsoft, Google And Amazon)” on Forbes.

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