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Survey reveals access to health issues that telemedicine could solve.

By Admin | September 19, 2016

The Texas Association of Business (TAB) released two surveys, one to businesses offering health plans and one to the general public, asking how and why people sought care, where they went, and if they would desire calling or video conferencing with their physicians.

Seventy percent of respondents favored the idea of phone or video interviews to diagnose simple issues like urinary tract infections, pink eye, and sinus infections. Many of those surveyed went to emergency rooms for non-emergencies, simply because they weren’t sure whether or not their situations required emergency care.

In support of that fact, 70 percent of the businesses surveyed reported that access to healthcare providers has become more difficult. Only eighteen percent of their plans offered some sort of telemedicine service, 66 percent did not, and 16 percent weren’t even sure.

For the rest of the TAB’s survey results, read “Texas Association of Business Releases Two Surveys to Rally Support for Telemedicine” in D Health by D Magazine.

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