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Remote-controlled surgeries and medical procedures on the horizon

By Admin | October 08, 2021

CHICAGO — The onset of the pandemic forced many industries toward remote work for the first time. But the paradigm shift in how we work has also become a catalyst for how we live and even get health care. Telehealth has already seen a boom, but now, doctors are experimenting with the potential to perform complex medical procedures remotely.

Inside an operating room, 51-year-old Bob Miller was being prepped for a cerebral angiogram to investigate what may have led to a hemorrhagic stroke 10 weeks ago.

“Normally, what we would do is we would go in through an artery—generally in the wrist or in the in the leg—and manually access the arteries to the brain with a wire and then a catheter,” said Dr. Webster Crowley, associate professor of neurosurgery at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Neurosurgeons like Crowley would normally be inside the room, but in this case, the procedure is performed using a robot and image guidance system that’s operated from...(More)

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