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Pros and Cons of Patient Portals

By Admin | December 06, 2017

Patient portals provide an easy way for patients to see their lab results, prescription information, doctor’s notes, and more, from the convenience of home--and without having to call and wait.

But patient portals aren’t perfect. Yes, they make it easy for patients and doctors to communicate, putting important information in an easy-to-access place, but are they secure?

The Week outlines the plusses and minuses of using online patient portals.


  • Easy, 24-hour access to patient information
  • Making patients part of the healthcare system, empowering them to be more involved
  • Time saving, both for patients and staff


  • Lack of use. Baby boomers in particular aren’t keen on using portals for their medical info.
  • Security concerns. Healthcare is the top target for hackers.
  • Privacy, including instances where minors have legal privacy from their guardians. How can a portal ensure the minor’s privacy?

For more, read “How online patient portals are transforming health care” from the Week.

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