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Outpatient ACDF linked with increased rate of perioperative surgical, medical complications

By Admin | October 12, 2018

LOS ANGELES — Patients undergoing outpatient anterior cervical discectomy and fusion may have a greater risk for perioperative complications than patients who undergo the surgery as an inpatient procedure, according to results presented at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting.

In a retrospective review of the Pearl Diver database from 2011 to 2016, Don Y. Park, MD, and colleagues collected age, gender, geographic location, year of procedure and Charlson Comorbidity Index among patients undergoing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). Researchers categorized patients as to whether they underwent inpatient or outpatient ACDF and compared surgical results and surgical and medical complications.

Park noted a greater number of patients underwent inpatient ACDF (10,964 patients vs. 1,315 patients in the outpatient group).

“The relative ratio of outpatient vs. inpatient ACDF decreased with age, and the mean Charlson Comorbidity Index was lower with outpatient vs. inpatient, which is in line with our hypothesis,” Park said in his presentation.

Park noted a two-fold increase in the annual relative incidence of outpatient ACDF from 2011 to 2016. Both groups had equal rates of hardware removal and irrigation and debridement, according to Park.

For more information on this, please read, Outpatient ACDF linked with increased rate of perioperative surgical, medical complications by Healio.

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