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Ochsner offers healthcare 24-7

By Admin | November 13, 2017

Ochsner Health Care of Louisiana is using technology in order to keep tabs on patients in real time, even offering assistance right after they “go out of bounds.”

innovationOchsner uses a medley of technologies in order to monitor patients in between office visits. Activity trackers, wireless blood pressure cuffs, wireless bathroom scales, and other gadgets update doctors via innovationOchsner.

Data is recorded at Oshsner in real time, and if a dip in health or progress is detected, a member of the innovationOchsner team works with a patient to get them back on track.

Right now, the program is being used to mostly monitor chronic diseases and overall population health. Some pregnant women are part of the program, too. They can measure their blood pressure, weight, and urine protein from home, sometimes allowing them to avoid the frequent doctor visits associated with pregnancy.

Ochsner Health Care is hoping to not only disrupt healthcare with their new program, but encourage other health systems to incorporate these technologies into their practices.

For more about innovationOchsner,read “Ochsner Health System Uses Tech for Real-Time Care” by US News and World Report.

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