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By Admin | October 20, 2021

New Providence, New Jersey-based Prosidyan, Inc. has announced a new study that provides evidence that its bioactive glass fiber-based bone graft substitute can achieve a 96.3% rate of spine fusion.  The multicenter study, “Multi-Center Clinical Evaluation of a Bioactive Fiber-Based Bone Graft Substitute for Posterolateral Fusion” was presented in poster form at the recent American Association of Neurological Surgeons’ (ANNS) Annual Meeting.

The company, which indicated that there were no complications or adverse events related to the device, said that FIBERGRAFT® BG Matrix is “an ultra-porous synthetic bone graft substitute made from proprietary bioactive glass fibers,” and is “comprised of the clinically-proven FIBERGRAFT® bioactive glass technology and extra-long fibers of pure type I collagen for flexibility and conformability. In additional to this clinical study, FIBERGRAFT® BG Matrix has also been evaluated in a preclinical study that showed it to be equivalent to autograft in a challenging rabbit posterolateral spinal fusion model.”

“We are proud of the results achieved in this clinical study and will continue to support the generation of clinical evidence proving...(More)

For more info please read, NOVEL BIOGLASS FIBER BONE GRAFT: 96.3% SPINE FUSION by, Orthopedics This Week

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