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Neurosurgery asks AI to help answer hard questions about injured brains

By Admin | September 09, 2019

One of the medical specialties highly hopeful in AI’s potential to guide care is neurosurgery. That’s because patients with traumatic brain injuries often present care teams and family members with an especially thorny decision:

Operate to potentially save a life or withhold surgery to possibly avoid severe postsurgical disabilities?

Stat News drills into the ways AI can help guide such decisions in a piece posted Aug. 14.

The article’s author, Duke neurosurgeon Jacquelyn Corley, MD, wraps her discussion around the case of an elderly patient who arrived in a trauma center after a car crash. The man was unconscious and showed signs of an accumulating brain bleed. 

For more information please read, Neurosurgery asks AI to help answer hard questions about injured brains, by AI in Healthcare.

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