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Negotiating favorable payer contracts: 'huge challenge' for ASCs

By Admin | August 02, 2023

Successful negotiations and favorable contracts with payers is the first step before surgical centers can sustainably function and grow, and navigating this process can be difficult and time-consuming.

Amol Soin, MD, owner and medical director of Ohio Pain Clinic, based in Centerville, told Becker's his biggest obstacle he has faced as a pain management physician has been finalizing a contract providing adequate funding for the use of implantable devices.

Dr. Soin said it was a "huge challenge" to attain a contract with a carve out for implantable devices, and it took years of back-and-forth negotiating with payers before eventually compromising.

Physicians at clinics and surgical centers have been facing increased pressure to keep up with the latest technology across the ASC industry while competing against hospitals. Meanwhile, costs surrounding reimbursements from federal, local and private insurance do not cover the overall price paid by ASCs in numerous cases, Melissa Waibel, BSN, CEO of...(More)

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