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MINT Clinic Adds Endoscopic Spine Surgery to List of Services

By Admin | May 13, 2022

MINT Clinic Adds Endoscopic Spine Surgery to List of Services

Industry: Healthcare

Dr. Scott Kutz of has recently added a new type of surgery to his clinic’s extensive list of techniques. For more information, please visit

Frisco, TX (PRUnderground) May 2nd, 2022

As most people know, minimally invasive neurosurgery is a technique developed specifically to treat spinal conditions. The method involves making smaller incisions around the surgical site than usual. In this way, there is reduced blood loss, and surgeons can avoid any major damage to the muscles surrounding the spine during the surgery. As spinal injuries can be extremely painful post-op, this technique promotes faster recovery and reduced pain sensations after the procedure is complete.
The minimally invasive surgery clinic run by Dr. Scott Kutz has now added a new surgical technique to its expertise. The latest addition is endoscopic spine surgery, a unique procedure that allows the surgeon to view the area affected and its surroundings. Other surgeries commonly performed in Dr. Scott Kutz’s clinic include minimally invasive spine surgery, artificial disc replacements, and sacroiliac joint disorder treatment.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a fairly new modification of minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) that can result in faster recovery time and decreased postoperative pain for the patient. Endoscopic spine surgery utilizes smaller incisions compared to larger incisions made in open surgery to minimize muscle damage. The benefit of using ESS over traditional open surgery is that ESS allows patients to retain their normal range of spinal mobility post-surgery. The procedure can be performed using just regional anesthesia; general anesthesia is unnecessary. In endoscopic spine surgery, a tube the width of a pencil is utilized to access the area and operate.
Endoscopic techniques have only been introduced 30 years ago, and using them in back surgery is very recent. This is why many neurosurgeons prefer conducting standard surgeries over endoscopic spine surgery. But with increasing research on the procedure and positive results from experimental studies, it is climbing in ranks fast, primarily due to its low-risk factor.

According to one of the company’s latest posts, “Endoscopic spine surgery is an advanced form of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) which results in faster patient recovery times while reducing postoperative pain. Unlike traditional spine surgery methods, which are done through long incisions through the back, endoscopic spine surgery utilizes only tiny incisions to minimize muscle damage. Because of this, ESS allows the patient to retain their normal range of spine mobility even after the surgery. This is good news for patients with increased surgical risk because of age and other medical conditions.”
Their clinic also offers other procedures. Minimally invasive spine surgery is another technique developed to treat spine disorders. It specifically focuses on causing the minimum amount of damage to muscles and other structures surrounding the spine. The other method that is performed at the clinic is artificial disc replacement. It involves removing and replacing worn-out or damaged disc material between the vertebrae to relieve back pain. The final treatment is the treatment of the sacroiliac joint disorder. This disorder can often be managed through...(More)

For more info please read, MINT Clinic Adds Endoscopic Spine Surgery to List of Services. by PR Underground

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