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How technology, CMS are affecting site of service in spine surgery

By Admin | August 09, 2021

As spine surgery continues to accelerate towards the outpatient space, it is becoming more evident that fewer procedures will be performed in the inpatient setting.

Complex procedures such as spinal deformities, tumors, trauma, and infections will always be optimized at hospitals as well as procedures that involve patients with complex medical comorbidities.

But ASC and surgeon leaders have demonstrated over the past decade that procedures such as multilevel arthroplasties, complex fusions and spinal decompressions can be safely done in the outpatient setting, largely made possible by advancements in minimally invasive surgical technology and techniques.

In the next five years, Michael Gordon, MD, of Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Orange County, Calif., predicts that most one- and two-level cervical spine surgeries and one-level lumbar fusions will be outpatient. He expects improvements in imaging technologies to be a significant driver of this movement, with "ease of use, reliability and cost," particularly in robotic platforms coming into...(More)

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