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How awareness helps those with scoliosis connect and find treatment

By Admin | June 25, 2023

For every teenager, having friends who understand you can mean the world. That holds even more true for someone like Addie Jenkins, living with scoliosis the sideways curvature of the spine. Addie was diagnosed with it in third grade, wore a brace from fourth through eighth grade, and then had surgery in the middle of her eighth grade year. Now at 14 years old, she is the leader of the Colorado chapter for Curvy Girls International, a scoliosis peer support program."I like the relationships and the people that I've met through it," Addie told Scripps News. "It just helps you to not feel alone and to just hear other sides of the story."Communities like this didn't exist when her mother Jill was going through a similar experience when she was a young girl."There was not an option when I went through it," she said. "A brace was a brace, and there weren't different kinds, and there was not PT (physical therapy), and infusion was the only surgery."Beyond community resources, treatments have also drastically changed."In fact, I went to PT when [Addie] went to PT and found a lot of resources and help for myself," Jill said.Dr. Jaren Riley is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon with Health ONE in Denver, and he says surgical options are far less restricting now than they were in the past."One of the biggest reasons we want to...(More)

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