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Hospitals will be under cyber attack in 2017 Healthcare IT News

By Admin | April 19, 2017

Healthcare is attractive to hackers, and experts predict that things will get far worse before they get better.

Ransomware and other forms of attack will most likely plague healthcare systems and hospitals at new rates for many reasons: hospitals use legacy systems that cannot withstand modern attacks, hospitals don’t have the financial resources to prevent attacks, and hospitals are--at no fault of their own--quick to pay cyber criminals in order to restore normalcy.

Criminals, of course, know all of this. They take advantage of the healthcare system’s vulnerabilities as well as anonymous ways to get paid, like BitCoin. This means hackers can commit their crimes without any fears of getting caught.

Hospitals who have never experienced any sort of attack will also be slow to adapt to new protective measures, which means if they are attacked, they won’t be prepared.

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