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Hospitals around the country are trying an at-home approach to health care.

By Admin | September 21, 2016

“The hospital can be a very difficult and dangerous environment for old and frail people,” says Bruce Leff, director of the Center for Transformative Geriatric Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

He’s one of the doctors behind “Hospital at Home,” a new and novel health delivery model that is being tested by hospitals around the country, like the well known Mount Sinai. The program’s goal is to reduce healthcare costs while reducing other effects of hospital stay like delirium, discomfort, falls, infections, and deconditioning.

Another pilot program called Independence at Home allows Medicare patients to receive primary care via house calls. Allowing doctors into homes gives them a much better idea of how patients really behave, take care of themselves, what their family life is like, etc., which can all have an impact on their general health and well being.

Patients can easily be monitored at home with the same devices they would be using in hospitals, and research is showing that at-home treatment may yield faster healing and better results than a hospital stay.

Find out more. Read “Get Set for the Modern House Call” posted by US News.

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