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Healthcare Disagreements Continue

By Admin | July 19, 2017

The plan to repeal and replace the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, isn’t going well.

Both the House and the Senate have proposed and modified their bills, but so far Republicans simply don’t have the simple majority they need to get the final bill made into law.

President Trump is urging legislators to pass the new bill via Twitter while Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnel seems determined to get a vote before a recess halts everything until September.

In essence, the new bill would cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, offer plans which are cheaper but may not cover a wide range of health services, and end the requirement for individuals to purchase insurance, among other requirements.

The bill up for a vote was originally penned by the House of Representatives and then amended by the Senate.

For more, read “Healthcare disagreements roil U.S. Senate Republicans” by Reuters.

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