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Cyber attacks are a real and constant threat

By Admin | June 07, 2017

The WannaCry cyber attack ravaged systems worldwide, and now the EternalBlue ransomware attack is also proving that many healthcare systems are far from prepared.

Many of these ransomware viruses literally hold a system’s information for ransom. If a system--usually a hospital or other business--fails to pay, the data gets deleted.  And criminals require payment in untraceable ways. 

There is no stopping the crime anytime soon, but healthcare providers can take steps to prevent attacks, like constantly patching and updating their computer operating systems.

Experts also advise educating all employees about malicious content and how to identify it, and restricting access to resources that aren’t related to daily workflow.

“If your business’ information is compromised, do not pay the ransom; instead, we recommend immediately removing the device from the Internet and network to prevent the malware from spreading to other devices,” said Robert LaMagna-Reiter, director of information security at First National Technology Solutions. 

For more that you can do to protect your systems from attack, read “WannaCry and now EternalBlue threats prove cybersecurity review is a must” by Healthcare IT News.

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