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Cigna is getting into the physician services business.

By Admin | July 13, 2016

Cigna, known to be one of the main health insurance companies, is combining personnel from its HealthSpring and Qualcare Alliance Networks to form a new company called CareAlliance, LLC. The purpose is to provide advisory and management services, technology infrastructure, and data analytics to assist providers in tracking patient outcomes.

The company will work with practices and hospitals to determine which services would be beneficial, and then contract the services themselves. 

“Whether a provider’s business is focused on commercial, Medicare, or Medicaid patients, the new CareAllies has the know-how and patient health engagement experience to help deliver better quality and financial outcomes as providers navigate the transition to value-based payment,” said Dr. Julian Harris, president of CareAlliance, LLC., in a statement to the press.

Learn more by reading “Cigna Launches New Physician Services Company” from D Magazine.

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