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Carson Daly undergoes ‘breakthrough’ procedure after decades of back pain

By Admin | June 13, 2022

Carson Daly has undergone a new procedure to help him heal from the decades of back pain that has negatively affected his life.

The TODAY co-host, 48, injured his back in a snowmobile accident while working for MTV in the '90s and has grappled with increasing pain in the decades since. Now, a new procedure called Intracept may provide some long-wished-for relief.

The frightening accident happened while Carson was on location in Aspen, Colorado. "At the end of one of the days of shooting, I was on a snowmobile being shuttled down by ski patrol, and we got into, like, an accident," he recalled. "I was knocked unconscious, and I kinda came to in the snow in a toboggan, really couldn’t feel anything below my legs, one of those really scary moments."

Carson suffered a T12 compression fracture, "which in the world of back injuries is actually not that bad," he said, because, as doctors explained to him early on, nothing in his spine was severed. His back was still...(More)

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