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Brain surgery leaves OKC man feeling the best he has in years

By Admin | January 07, 2019

As recently as a month ago, Bryan Williams had to plan every day carefully, making the most of the time between when his medications kicked in and when they wore off, leaving him exhausted and in pain.

Williams, 45, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease about five years ago, when his muscles would unexpectedly “freeze up,” largely immobilizing him. His right hand had the worst reaction, and things like taking the cap off a water bottle and tying his shoes became impossible.

“When you have Parkinson's, you have to physically think ‘Speak,' or ‘Open my hand,' instead of just doing it,” he said.

In November, he underwent three surgeries to implant two wires in his brain and a device similar to a pacemaker in his chest, to try a treatment called deep-brain stimulation. When the electricity was turned on, Williams was able to easily open and close his right hand for the first time in years. He still takes medication, but the electricity smooths out the fluctuations and makes it easier for him to do things with their three children, his wife Carla Williams said.

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