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Apple to make EHRs available on iPhone

By Admin | February 28, 2018

Wired Magazine has an article detailing how Apple is planning on making electronic health records (EHRs) available through people’s iOS devices. Google made a similar move but failed. However, Apple has a track record of doing what others can’t.

Apple has already committed to an open API, which means they will make it easier and nearly effortless for hospitals and care providers to participate, a crucial factor. Hospitals and medical practices won’t need more staff or to devote much time in order to provide their patients with this option.

But why is this effort from Apple important? Three reasons:

  • It shows there is one common path for developers to deliver EHRs to consumers instead of many
  • It encourages everyone to use the same system instead of several proprietary systems
  • It shows that progress in delivering EHRs to patients can happen sooner rather than later

For more about how Apple plans to make EHRs more accessible to patients and the history behind the efforts, read “Apple’s Move to Share Health Care Records is a Game-Changer” by Wired.

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