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5-year-old defies the odds after invasive neurosurgery to remove tumor

By Admin | December 11, 2018

Games are the building blocks for five-year-old Rebecca Roper of Enid.

She's having fun at her latest physical therapy appointment, building a wall out of huge cardboard blocks. Soon they switch to tossing balls, and then Rebecca holds her therapist's hand tightly as she walks barefoot along a stretch of wooden board.

Rebecca is relearning everything from talking to walking since her world unraveled back in the summer of 2017.

"Her daycare called and said, 'Rebecca can hardly walk,'" recalls Larry Coats, Rebecca's grandfather.

Larry is a retired Enid utility lineman who is working full time these days to see Rebecca thrive again.

"We drove down here and they did a Ct Scan on her and sure enough they found a tumor on her brain stem that was the size of a lemon."

The lemon was a tumor called a glioma.

To learn more, please read 5-year-old defies the odds after invasive neurosurgery to remove tumor by Oklahoma's News 4. 

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