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What repealing the ACA could mean for Texans, according to the CPPP

By Admin | February 06, 2017

If the Affordable Care Act, ACA, also known as Obamacare, were repealed without a replacement, Texas’ individual marketplace would be severely impacted, said Anne Dunkelberg, associate director of the Austin-based Center for Public Policy Priorities.

The marketplace in Texas is huge, offering insurance to around 1.8 million people, 900,000 of whom receive subsidies to help them pay for their coverage. Without subsidies, people would lose their insurance, Dunkelberg said.

She went on to say that pre-ACA, there was hardly any regulation, so if the law were to be repealed, over 10 million Texans would lose their coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Even those Texans who would be able to afford insurance may not be covered in certain aspects of their health, she said.

Dunkelberg also mentioned a fear that things like prescriptions, maternity, mental health, therapies, rehab, or preventive care may not be covered--many weren’t before ACA.

For more, read “CPPP Associate Director Weighs In on ‘Repeal Resolution’ of Healthcare Law Effect on Texans” from D Healthcare.”

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