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The Conversation to Taper Healthcare Costs

By Admin | August 29, 2016

In July of 2016, a four-person panel was held at the D Magazine offices to discuss the necessary steps--and risks--companies and payers need to take in order to minimize healthcare costs.

Sitting on the panel were Marianne Fazen, the executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Group on Health; Dr. Stephen Mansfield, the CEO of Oak Cliff’s Methodist Health System; and Dr. Jim Walton, the president and CEO of the Genesis Physician’s Group, the region’s largest and oldest group of independent doctors.

The experts cited that employers generally are ready and willing to pass on some of the risks to their employees by selecting high-deductible plans, for example. It was also noted that one-size-fits-all benefits packages won’t work for various employers.

Of course, the discussion went much deeper, also dealing with the need of providers to essentially monitor and remind the insured to ensure they’re engaging in healthy behavior, which the panel admits seems akin to a helicopter parent strategy, but may be necessary.

To read more about the panel and what was discussed, visit “Detailing Employers’ Role In Driving Transparency, Value-Based Care” from D Magazine.

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