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Price selected to be Secretary of Health and Human Services

By Admin | January 04, 2017

President-Elect Donald Trump has selected Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon with a long congressional history of loyally promoting the interests of doctors, to be his Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The American Medical Association supports the selection of Price.

During his congressional career, he has:

  • Sponsored a 2015 bill that would restrict efforts to reduce doctor payments for medical services
  • Cosponsored a 2011 bill that would have limited reports used by hospitals and regulators to perform background checks to screen doctors before hiring them.
  • Opposed a Medicare proposal intended to rein in spending for medications doctors administer to patients, such as intravenous chemotherapy drugs

To read more about Price’s history and the AMA’s opinions on his selection, read “AMA, others expect future HHS head Tom Price to put doctors' interests first” from Healthcare Finance News.

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