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Preventing phishing and cybercrime in healthcare

By Admin | November 07, 2016

“Oftentimes end users think technology protects them from more than it really does,” said Mark Parkulo, MD, of the Mayo Clinic. “‘The institution wouldn’t let these things come through, right?’ When you tell them there is no way to block everything, they become more aware of the importance of monitoring it.”

Mark went on to explain that at the Mayo Clinic, employees are constantly trying to trick one another to fall for fake phishing schemes in order to remain vigilant against cyber attacks, which are a growing concern in healthcare.

“What we’ve learned is if we phish our folks, they will get good for a period of time, but if we do not keep those exercises in front of them, staff will quickly slide back into old behaviors,” said JoEllen Frain, senior manager in the office of information security at the Mayo Clinic.

High turnover rates and evolving security issues also tend to undo the good that a one-time training session can achieve. By periodically testing the staff and keeping them aware of the real dangers and threats of cyber attacks, they are much more able to avoid pitfalls.

For more, read “Gone phishin': Mayo Clinic shares tips for fending off attacks” from Healthcare IT News.

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