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Opinion on working with insurance companies

By Admin | May 15, 2017

Insurance companies are hesitant to negotiate with freestanding emergency rooms and urgent care centers according to Dr. Carrie de Moor, President and CEO of Frisco-based Code 3 Emergency Physicians and chairman of the American College of Emergency Physicians’ Freestanding Emergency Centers Section.

In her article posted in D Magazine, she explains the state of freestanding centers in the DFW Metroplex, her own experiences while working with insurance companies to become in-network, and the challenges while advocating for patients.

“For the few companies willing to communicate with me beyond an initial email, they refused in-person meetings and full disclosure of methodologies, and attempted to lock me in at a low rate that would be unsustainable for any viable medical practice,” she said. “To me, their final goal was to set a low payment rate, and then drive up deductibles and patient responsibility–essentially turning my facilities into a credit card system for the insurance companies.”

North Texas has 40 freestanding ERs and over 100 hospital-owned ERs. Dr. de Moor says she spent over two years attempting to get her freestanding ERs in-network with insurance companies, but has ultimately failed.

For more, read “Willing Healthcare Providers Seek Fair In-Network Contracts” from D Magazine.

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