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Office of Inspector General conducts historic Medicare fraud sweep.

By Admin | August 01, 2016

In the largest sweep in seven year history of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, authorities served 61 warrants to healthcare practitioners who stand accused of bilking Medicare and Medicaid for over $900 million.

The Dallas branch of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) was quick to point out that home health providers who filed claims that shared characteristics common in fraud cases are not necessarily guilty of fraud, but further investigation is necessary.

Of those characteristics, 27 geographic areas within 12 states were labeled as hotspots.

Texas had eight hotspot regions and nearly half (255 of the 562) of the nation’s flagged agencies.

To learn more about the investigation, read “As Feds Announce Historic Fraud Haul, OIG Report Signals Need for Further Investigations” by D Healthcare Daily of D Magazine.

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