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Neurosurgeon found not guilty in $500M kickback case

By Admin | August 18, 2021

A jury on Aug. 13 found Serge Obukhoff, MD, not guilty on all 35 counts of conspiracy and healthcare fraud in an indictment related to an alleged $500 million kickback scheme at Pacific Hospital in Long Beach, Calif.

A federal grand jury had alleged that the hospital's former owner, Michael Drobot Sr., paid $2.3 million in kickbacks to Dr. Obukhoff to direct his spine surgery patients to Pacific Hospital. The indictment also alleged that the neurosurgeon accepted illegal kickbacks in the form of free rent and a paid medical directorship with the now-defunct Willow Medical Group as inducement to direct spine cases to Monrovia (Calif.) Hospital.

Attorneys for Dr. Obukhoff argued that the surgeon believed the $2.3 million was paid to him as part of an option agreement for a management company to buy his medical practice and that an attorney for the management company told him the agreement was "legal, valid and...(More)

For more info please read, Neurosurgeon found not guilty in $500M kickback case, By Becker's Spine Review

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