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By Admin | March 01, 2020

Based on 45,000 clinical studies, 82 clinical questions and 100 recommendation statements, this is the most comprehensive review of the diagnosis and treatment for low back pain ever assembled.

The remarkable effort and indispensable reference for spine and neurosurgeons was the collective effort of 11 physician societies dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain.

According to North American Spine Society (NASS), “Compared to a typical NASS guideline with 400-600 literature search results and approximately 30 clinical questions, the Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Pain guideline resulted in over 45,000 literature search results and contains 82 clinical questions with over 100 recommendation statements.”

For more information please read, NASS ISSUES MASSIVE BACK PAIN TREATMENT REVIEW, by RRY Publications.

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