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Illinois Bone & Joint Institute's André Blom on physician leadership, risks in the field & the COVID-19 effect

By Admin | December 20, 2021

Effective leadership and a team mindset will continue to be crucial at orthopedic practices, particularly as the field continues to deal with COVID-19, according to André Blom, CEO of Des Plaines-based Illinois Bone and Joint Institute.

Mr. Blom spoke with Becker's on a number of topics in orthopedics, including staffing, risks in value-based care and the top challenges in the field.

Question: What do you see as the most pressing issue facing independent orthopedic practices?

Mr. André Blom: To be successful in today's orthopedic landscape, you need a multidimensional physician leadership structure that can navigate all or most aspects of an extremely active and vibrant sector of healthcare. Therefore, I believe that successful practices should be heavily invested in governance design and appropriate organizational support. Investment in current and future state leadership tracts, along with authentic commitments from physicians to actively and consistently participate in strategy and execution of practice initiatives, are essential if you want to retain ongoing success in the marketplace. As such, I believe that practices will be successful to the degree they are committed and invested in physician leadership strategies and structure.

Q: What are the top three healthcare trends you're following?

AB: 1. Staffing models will be significantly touched by the COVID effect for probably the next three years. We need to pay attention to the health and well-being of all of our team members. Collectively we are navigating both difficult and unknown waters with regard to the prolonged strain caused by COVID. And just like we didn't really know where things would end up when it started last February, we can't fully predict an...(More)

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