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Hospitals need to embrace their positive Yelp ratings

By Admin | May 08, 2017

Chances are, you’ve used Yelp for restaurant reviews or to assess the skills of a local plumber, but have you ever looked up a hospital? If you’re like a majority of people, you have.

Yelp is quickly becoming an authority on hospital quality, and if hospitals are smart, they will embrace their rankings and make them more visible to potential patients.

The Manhattan Institute discovered that when it came to Yelp ratings in New York state hospitals, the ratings were actually a “good composite measure of hospital quality.”

Yelp isn’t the only option when it comes to highlighting strengths. Any social media can prove helpful to healthcare, if it’s used properly.

Hospitals should:

  • Make Yelp scores and social media reviews more visible
  • Link simple and objective metrics onto the Yelp review page
  • Put money behind getting these reviews out to caregivers and other high-need populations

For more, read “Yelp reviews can lead consumers to high-quality hospitals, but organizations need to make better use of the ratings” on Fierce Healthcare.

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