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Health records are headed to the cloud.

By Admin | November 21, 2016

Add healthcare to the list of industries who are finding comfort and convenience in cloud-based data sharing.

At the 2016 U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow Conference in Washington, the “Healthcare Innovation in the Cloud” panel discussed such topics as why it’s important to adopt new technology, how to best use it for patients, how to maximize safety and minimize risk, and what role patients will play.

Things like electronic health records (EHR) can help doctors and pharmacists better monitor patients’ habits, drugs used, etc. EHR can also simplify communications between healthcare providers and those same patients.

Of course, one of the largest concerns is keeping patient information private, which means hospital and healthcare employees will need continued education about malware and other security threats.

For more, read “The Cloud Can Shape Patient-Centric Health Care System” from US News & World Report.

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