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Free advertising played a key role in Forest Park Medical Center’s physician bribery scheme.

By Admin | February 01, 2017

Level Two Advertising, in particular owner Kelly Wade Loter, helped served as a middleman between physicians and Forest Park Medical Center.

The hospital promised free advertising to physicians and their practices if they performed their surgeries at the center. Level Two would create the advertisements, including billboards, for the physicians and paid for by Forest Park.

Forest Park Medical Centers, now closed, was a chain of five high-end, doctor-owned hospitals in North Texas. They catered to upscale patients and did not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or plans sold through the Affordable Care Act.

To read more about the arrangements and the court case against Forest Park Medical Center and Loter, read “Dallas ad exec admits to key role in Forest Park Medical Center's alleged physician bribery scheme” from Dallas News.

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