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Electronic Health Records for better patient health

By Admin | March 01, 2017

When it comes to adopting and implementing electronic health records (EHR), the 14-hospital system of Texas Health Resources has a long history of being advanced.

“Technology has become the enabler, or a tool to support better management of patient care,” said Ferdinand Velasco, MD, chief health information officer at Texas Health Resources. “I think this is a significant shift in focus. Now, we are getting back to our main focus of improving health, and our technology supports that.”

Texas Health has been able to achieve HRO, or High Reliability Status, a designation that marks them as a healthcare provider that reliably prevents harm to patients. Using a Reliable Care Blueprint, the doctors and staff ensure their electronic systems implement evidence-based practice throughout all of their campuses, according to Mary Beth Mitchell, chief nursing informatics officer at Texas Health.

“We like to say: every patient, every location, every time,” Mitchell said.

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