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Doctors still banned from texting orders

By Admin | January 30, 2017

The Joint Commission and CMS continue their ban on doctors texting treatment orders, citing that texting can complicate communication and processes.

They temporarily lifted the ban last spring, but reinstated it over the summer to work out how doctors can best use messaging apps to make orders.

Concerns leading to the ban include:
Using messaging apps and texting can increase the burden on those inputting the data, like office staff and nurses.
Talking allows people to more easily communicate and answer questions for better confirmation.
The potential of treatment delays caused by EHR process alerts and clinicians having to take extra time contacting doctors.

Will texting orders always be banned? Not necessarily. The Joint Commission and CMS are open to the concept, but further research is needed.

For more, read “Joint Commission reaffirms ban on texting orders” from Fierce Healthcare.

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