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Did a contest produce an actual easy-to-understand medical bill design?

By Admin | October 31, 2016

The Department of Human Health and Services put out a challenge: design a medical bill that actually makes sense to consumers. It’s no secret that medical bills have always been full of industry-jargon that left patients scratching their heads in confusion, making it even more complicated for them to ask and discover what they were paying for, what was really covered and were charges even fair.

But hopefully that will change. Six health systems will begin using new medical bill designs, chosen from a federally sponsored contest.

One version is a color-coded bill which highlights due dates, payment options and more. The other streamlines the entire process allowing patients to search, compare costs and other features.

To learn more about the contest and where the new bills will be used, read “Healthcare comes one step closer to an easy-to-understand medical bill” by Fierce Healthcare.

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