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Augmented & virtual reality technology can have an impact on healthcare

By Admin | October 17, 2016

Patient therapy and medical training are entering the popular worlds of augmented and virtual reality.

Augmented reality is fabricated images overlaid onto images of the real world. There are many augmented reality apps available for smartphones, like the very popular game Pokemon Go, where users discover creatures hidden in the real world, but they must use their phones as a window to see them.

Virtual reality is a completely created world complete with sights, sounds, and sometimes touch elements.

Both technologies use immersive content in order to give users a true sense of how events can play out.

When it comes to patient therapy, people can be slowly exposed to cases and scenarios that would cause stress in order to help them better handle frightening situations, like with soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders.

For surgeons in training, they can operate on “real” people without the consequences of a mistake costing a life. Instead, time could rewind and allow for them to correct their actions, learning from their mistakes before making them in the real world.

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