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A little prevention goes a long way to prevent cyber attacks

By Admin | May 31, 2017

Hackers attacked computer systems worldwide with stolen software from the National Security Administration. Dubbed the “Wannacry” ransomware outbreak, the hackers locked healthcare personnel out of their computers by exploiting a known vulnerability in the Windows operating system.

And according to Michelle De Mooy, contributor to US News, the entire hack could easily have been prevented.

For starters, the NSA knew of the issue with Windows, but failed to alert software developer Microsoft, who could have potentially patched the problem. When they eventually did, the hack was in full swing, and older systems didn’t get patched at all.

De Mooy thinks we should treat data security education like health education; start the education at an early age in schools, much like children are already taught to wash their hands or sneeze into their elbows. Teach them to not click on weird links and use secure passwords.

For more, read “An Ounce of Prevention” by US News.

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