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A high-level look at the Senate’s healthcare bill

By Admin | July 10, 2017

The Senate released their plans for the future of healthcare to the country, ending the speculation about what will happen to taxes, Medicaid, and pre-existing conditions. Here are the facts:

  • Insurance companies still won’t be able to refuse or charge more for those with pre-existing conditions. However states will have the right to waive other insurance requirements, which could weaken protections.
  • Tax credits for those up to 4x the poverty level will continue for two years.
  • Requiring individuals to purchase health insurance will go away.
  • Requiring midsize and large companies to provide insurance will go away.
  • Insurers will be able to charge older customers up to 5x what they charge younger customers. With the ACA, it maxes at 3x.
  • Traditional Medicaid funding rates will return in 2021.
  • States will be allowed to enforce work requirements for able-bodied adults to receive Medicaid. Low-income children, pregnant women, the elderly, and disabled persons will no longer be open-ended entitlements.
  • Taxes on high earners and some industries will also go away.
  • Any subsidies will not be available for plans that provide abortive services. And Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood will be suspended for a year.

For more details, read “What’s in the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill” by Politico.

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