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18 Things You Should Know About the Millennial Patient

By Admin | October 03, 2016

Meet the millennial patient, who approaches healthcare very differently from his or her parents. Millennials are those born generally between 1982 and 2000 and are now the largest generation.

Their opinions and desired ways of doing things will influence healthcare in the following years. Here are 18 things you should know about your millennial patients.

  1. They seek out avenues for connected healthcare.
  2. They possess less confidence in shared decision making.
  3. Although they love technology, they respond best to verbal instructions from physicians versus an online portal.
  4. They seek a consumer-centric wellness-focused experience that discusses diet and exercise.
  5. Half do not have personal relationships with their doctors.
  6. They are more prone to use ERs, emergency clinics, and retail clinics.
  7. They prefer convenience and lower costs over traditional doctor settings.
  8. They want quick, efficient care without waiting.
  9. They are turned off by inefficient use of technologies, like patient portals.
  10. Around 20% wear technology, like Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Microsoft Band.
  11. They read and consider doctors’ online reviews.
  12. 89% of millennials are insured.
  13. Of the uninsured, most are of black or Latino descent, and 60% are female.
  14. They are worried about monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.
  15. 72% are confused about their health benefit options.
  16. They want control, transparency, and speed. They would prefer to see a doctor on the day they ask for one.
  17. 41% will ask for estimated costs before seeking treatment.
  18. They are likely to underestimate an illness or treatment’s total cost.

For a more in-depth look at millennial patients, read “The makeup of the millennial patient--18 things to know” from Becker’s Hospital Review.

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