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18-34 year olds want Obamacare replacement to be similar to Obamacare

By Admin | April 17, 2017

Only about 25 percent of young people, 18-34 year olds, want Obamacare repealed, 16 percent specifically wanting it to be repealed and replaced.

Of those young people polled by GenForward, a survey of adults age 18 to 30 by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with the AP-NORC Center, there was a racial component to opinions. A third of whites wanted the law repealed and replaced, a higher percentage than with other ethnic groups.

In general, young people felt access to healthcare was a right, especially since they pay taxes to the government. However, a majority of those polled felt that requiring citizens to purchase healthcare wasn’t fair.

For more, read “Poll: Most young people want any health care overhaul to look a lot like Obamacare” by CBS News.

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